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13800-600V Portable Mine Conveyor Substation

This is a 750KVA 13800-600V portable substation suitable for underground mining.

It is available for purchase.

This unit was upgraded with new safety features and equipment. Some features and improvements on this substation include:

  • Remote operating flex handles for manual operation of 600V breakers from a distance.
  • Recess area for remote operating handles.
  • Folding multi-hinge doors at 600V breaker load terminals for touch protection and easy access.
  • New 600V vacuum contactors for two 600V utility outlets.
  • Separate enclosure for the Main 600V, 800 Amp Breaker for safe isolation of a separate 600V Feeder enclosure.
  • 13,800 - 600 V, 750 KVA dry transformer, copper windings, structural bracing for mine use.
  • 15 KV silver plated copper fused disconnect switches.
  • LED voltage indicator lights at 15 KV switches.
  • Kirk Key mechanical interlocks on 15 KV switch handle as well as switch on main front door.
  • Lightning arrestors connected to the line side of the 13.8kV transformer to supress voltage spikes on the incoming supply.
  • Neutral ground resistor with resistor failure detection.
  • 3 phase LED voltage indicator beside each 600V outlet and near each breaker remote operator handle for safety indication of voltage.

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